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      1, be born and raised in... 在...出生长大
      2,a population of ....有多少人
      3, the peace and quite (of)....的安静祥和
      4,A colorful nightlife 多姿多彩的夜生活
      5, tourist attraction=place of interest 旅游景点=感兴趣的地方
      6, high-rise buildings=skyscrapers 摩天大楼
      7, with walking distance (of)离....走路就到的距离
      8, life is convenient 生活方便
      9, there are people from all walks of life.各行各业的人
      10,easy socialize 容易社交
      11, enlarge friendship circle/ personal connections.扩大朋友圈/人际关系。
      12, high standard of living 高生活水准
      13,education resource 教育资源
      14, be under a great deal of pressure 处于巨大的压力之下
      15.fierce competition 激烈的比赛
      16. The tied-up traffic/the bumper-to bumper traffic 交通拥挤
      17.The cost of living is sky-high 生活费用高得惊人
      18. Housing is really expensive. 住房真的很贵
      19.Property prices are very high. 房地产价格非常高
      1. A big bookworm. 书虫
      2. Be engrossed in a book. 沉迷于
      3. Well-written写得很好的
      4. Read sth from cover to cover in no time 从头到尾读一遍
      5. Can't put it down, 爱不释手
      6. Flick through a book 随便翻一本书
      7. A massive hit 一部很火的大片
      8. Talent show 选秀
      9. Episode集
      10. Air 播出
      11. Drive sb up the wall. 烦死人阿
      12. Informative 增长见识的
      1, Be in fluent in ...说...流利
      2,Get by in....说..挺好的
      3,Be s bit rusty有点生疏
      4,Pick up a language 学会一种语言
      5,have a good grasp of a language 能很好运用一门语言
      6. Integrate with the local people 打成一片
      7. Immerse oneself completely in the language and the culture把某人沉浸在某个语言和其文化中
      8. Get a glimpse of different lifestyle 看看不同文化
      9. Land a decent and well-paid job.找一份体面、薪水高的工作
      1.Down-to-earth 务实的,实际的
      2.Lose one's temper 发脾气
      3. Driven 上进的
      4.well-read=knowledgeable 博览群书=知识渊博的
      5. A glass half full kind of person=optimistic 乐观积极的
      6.look on the bright side of things 看事物的光明面
      7. Have a lot in common 很多共同点
      8. Go way back认识很久了
      9. Hit it off 聊得来
      10. Be fair-skinned 很白皙的
      11. Well-built 身材匀称
      12. Well-turned out 衣着光鲜的
      13.take pride in one's looks 对自己长相自信
      14. Get one's autograph 得到 某人签名
      15. Devote yourself entirely to developing your skills.全身心地投入发展你的技能
      16. Be unique and one kind of 与众不同
      17. it's a big ego-booster 令自己很有面子
      18. Make tons of money 赚很多钱
      19. Be looked up by millions of people. 被数以百万计的人所关注
      20. Have a huge influence on many people 对很多人都有很大的影响
      21. Make a difference in others' lives改变别人的生活
      22. Have no privacy 没有隐私
      23. Be recognized no matter where they go 无论他们去哪里,都要被认出来
      24. Fans always want to have their autographs. 粉丝们总是想要他们的亲笔签名。
      25. Have to meet expectations of their fans要满足他们粉丝的期望吗
      1, computer buff 沉迷于电脑的人
      2, technological advance/development 科学进步/创新
      3, get back in touch with 重新获得联系
      4, meet up with sb 见某人
      5, the latest must-have 最新的必需品
      6, beautifully-made 设计精美的
      7, user-friendly 使用方便的
      8, intuitive 方便使用的
      9, it's so many things rolled into one 很多功能
      10. Be updated on what's going on in the world.
      11. Bring people closer together. 拉近近距离
      12. Buy goods from the comfort of one's home 在家就能买东西
      13. Have access to almost limitless of knowledge 能接触到几乎无限的知识吗
      14. A cosmopolitan city 国际大都市
      15. Off the beaten track 游客不多的地方
      16. In the middle of nowhere 在偏僻的地方
      17. Spectacular/breathtaking scenery 壮观的/令人惊叹的风景
      18. Destroy the habitats of wild animal 破坏野生动物的栖息地
      19. Drop litter 乱扔垃圾
          20. Traffic congestion and air pollution 交通拥堵和空气污染